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Important Texas Car Insurance Laws You Should Know About
If you are new to Texas or have recently received your license to drive your first car, you need to be familiar with the insurance laws of the state. It is important to know these laws since they are there for your protection. If you break them, even if you were not aware, law enforcement will still arrest you and give you a fine or jail time. Like any other state, Texas requires that all motorists in the state be able to pay for any accidents they cause. Many people buy some type of car insurance to do this.
Showing financial responsibility
Many car owners opt to purchase an auto liability insurance, which will cover the repair or replacement of the other person’s car and pay the medical bills, in case the policyholder causes an accident. You must buy a car insurance policy that meets the minimum amount required by the state of Texas. At present, the minimum liability requirement per injured person is $30,000, up to a total of $60,000 on each accident, and includes $25,000 for any property damage. This is the most basic car insurance coverage in Texas and is commonly called the 30/60/25 coverage.
Nevertheless, it is wise to purchase more than the minimum amount to be fully protected financially. It is also important to note that liability car insurance does not cover your own medical bills or car repair or replacement. For this, you need other types of insurance coverage. Once you have purchased the car policy, the insurance company will send you a card for proof-of-insurance. Always car this card with you since you will be required to produce it when:
• You cause an accident
• Renew your driver’s license
• Registering or renewing registration of your car
• A police officer asks you for it
Tips when buying auto liability insurance in Texas
Countless insurance companies in the state of Texas offer auto liability policies. Rates vary from company to company hence, it is vital to shop around before settling on one. The first thing you need to do is decide what your coverage needs are. You might consider going for a higher deductible, which will lower your premium but if you have a claim, you will dig more into your pocket to pay. Once you have settled on what policy you want, get quotes from different companies, making certain the price quotes are for the same coverage.
Other important tips that might be helpful are:
• Check your credit score. Some insurance companies evaluate your credit score when deciding what rates to offer you. Correct any errors in your credit score before getting car insurance.

• Be honest when answering questions, while applying for the insurance policy or obtaining price quotes. Wrong answers could cause you to lose your coverage or receive incorrect quotes.

• Do not necessarily go for the cheapest but consider other factors such as the company’s license status, financial rating and complaint index.

• Do proper research online and off line before settling on a certain company